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Aquablation Therapy, BPH

Aquablation Therapy
Managing Expectations and Realities

The prostate gland is one of seven essential components of the male reproductive system, but it is the only reproductive…

Aquablation Therapy

Aquablation Therapy
The Patient-Friendly Question & Answer Guide
To Understanding Your Procedure

Since being first introduced to the urologic community Aquablation Therapy has been a source of relief for men suffering from…

Aquablation Therapy, BPH Treatment

The Science Behind Aquablation Therapy
How Waterjet Resection Works

Aquablation therapy by PROCEPT BioRobotics is a novel minimally invasive BPH treatment that employs the power of water conveyed through…

Aquablation Therapy, BPH Surgery

What is the Aquablation Procedure?

When a man is young, Prostate tissue growth is desirable because it naturally leads to sexual maturity. However, when prostate…

Aquablation Therapy, BPH Treatment

My Aquablation Therapy Experience

On October 8, 2021, I had Aquablation therapy, to address my benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) symptoms which included the need…

Aquablation Therapy

Aquablation Advantages

Aquablation therapy is a one-of-a-kind, advanced, and minimally invasive resective therapy that harnesses the power of water for treating lower…